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There's courage in the testing community. Plus helpful business posts, ways to get involved with the testing community and new testing events to attend.

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Tap into your software team’s full potential with AgileTD USA in Chicago
The 3-day conference – May 22–24, 2023 – addresses all people involved in the testing & quality assurance of IT systems, focusing on the exchange of experiences, new trends & agile methods. 


There's courage in the testing community. 

Congrats to everyone who put themselves forward to be part of TestBash UK. The Community Has Spoken: TestBash UK's 2023 Lineup is Live! 🎉. And for those of you who didn't make the lineup, there's an opportunity to feel good that you just went for it by putting yourself forward. It takes courage to do that. And the conversation doesn't have to stop here. You could turn your abstract into an article or submit an idea for a Masterclass.  

We aim to improve testing education for everyone and we're inviting the community to help the next generation of software testers. We're creating an authentic curriculum for junior testers. We’re running three surveys to capture insights from junior testers, managers of junior testers and those who recruit junior testers. Complete a survey and help the next generation of testers

Can you help with the following?

  1. Richard is looking for advice on overhauling a strategy
  2. While there are many replies, there's still an opportunity to share with Paulina. What should they learn to be able to apply for junior positions?
  3. What testing experiments would you like to soon run with your team? 🧪
  4. Have you recently published a testing-related blog post? Add it to this topic thread
  5. The possibilities during TestBash Spring are limitless. Register today and let's have 400 community folks come together online on one extraordinary day. Help spread the word. 📣

I hope you have a great week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

P.S. Check out the new podcast channels



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How to bedrock metrics that work?
It is crucial in software development to measure success and drive continuous improvement. In this blog post, Qameta Software team tried to take a high-level view of what's important in creating meaningful and impactful metrics.



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