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What is it about requirements that cause things to go wrong? Plus questions from the community, helpful business posts and plenty of testing events. Read it all in this week's newsletter.

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No-Code Mobile App Platform Sofy Announces AI-powered SofySense
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What is it about requirements that cause things to go wrong?

What’s been an interesting thing that was missed off a requirement? Something that in retrospect was obvious. And on a more lighthearted note, what has been the most ridiculous interpretation of requirements that you’ve encountered? I'd love to hear from you so feel free to send me a message or create a new topic on The Club

We'd like to think the requirements for a helpful mobile app to support the TestBash UK 2023 experience are now all in place. And test-bish-bash-bosh, Diana Dromey recently announced the launch of a new app. 📱 If you're joining the community in Liverpool, UK this September, download it today and start planning.

Last week I had a good chat with Sarah Deery about how we might put out a "30 Days of Growth". A set of tasks and ideas to help folks future-proof themselves. We also explored the idea of running an Ask Me Anything on "Getting Hired". As a community, we have a duty to help each other at a time when job security is at a low. If this sparks ideas please send me a message. We'll keep you updated on the progress of these initiatives. 

🙋 Learn, share your knowledge, add to the following

  1. Mark asks, what aspects of your context impact your testability?
  2. I want to learn test automation and I don’t know where to start
  3. How do you automate a compose base architecture app, asks Sahar
  4. Ady would like to know, how you are reacting to the explosion of AI tools
  5. How do you raise a dark pattern bug?
  6. Lots of new blog entries from the community, including being more pirate, when you need a test column and the identity crisis of software QA.

Have a good week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss


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📖 Helpful business posts

📚 Reading List of the Week

Here's another excellent reading list for you and it's all about Mobile Testing Insights. 📱

It contains articles on the challenges of mobile testing, device farms, and accessibility plus a super powerful mnemonic. An essential reading list for anyone looking to level up their mobile testing skills.

Please do share an article with someone if you think that person would find it useful. It could be the very thing they didn't know they were looking for. 


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