Your Weekly Testing News - Issue 423

How do we future-proof ourselves? Plus testing events, questions from the community and helpful business posts. Read it all in this week's newsletter.

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Testsigma announces API testing! 🔥
Open source, Low-code test automation platform, Testsigma announces the launch of the all-new API testing feature, making test creation and validation easier than ever before!  Check it out!

How do we future-proof ourselves? 

I enjoyed reading Sarah Deery's simple five-step guide to creating a learning list. It's one way to ensure we learn what's important and aligned with our career growth goals. And it's also a tool to support your job stability. Have you used a learning list before? How did it help? Let me know.

Did you see Diana Dromey's fun challenge to win a ticket to TestBash UK 2023? Head to Zurich or Athens and get involved! 😉

🙋 Learn and share your thoughts on the following

  1. How hard is it to go from software engineer to QA engineer? asks Briana
  2. Roger would like to know, can AI or ChatGPT create and run tests?
  3. How do you decide what to learn next?
  4. Help nagalakshmi convince their leadership why they should sign them up for a MoT Pro membership
  5. How do you develop a training curriculum for your team of testers and what does it look like?
  6. Did you recently land a new job? Or did you see someone else mention they’ve recently started a new job?
  7. What are your five favourite testing questions?
  8. Christopher is keen to understand more about load testing in production
  9. What do you think about test automation goals? asks Eric
  10. Can you turn Louise's pipeline sadness into happiness? 

Enjoy the week ahead.

— Simon, CommunityBoss


This newsletter is kindly supported by Gatling

Load Testing over crashing with Gatling
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📖 Helpful business posts

📚 Reading List of the Week

Here's another excellent reading list for you and it's all about Testing Strategies And Plans.

It contains articles on using a mind map for a test strategy, creating a simple one-page test plan, plus a handy planning checklist and more. This is an essential reading list for anyone looking to get more strategic with their testing efforts.

Please do share one of the articles if you think someone would find it useful. It could open up a new possibility for them. 


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