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What new angle could help you revisit something this week? Plus more ways to get involved with the testing community, business posts and testing events. Discover it all in this week's newsletter.

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Last Chance: Extend Testing's Reach
Hear how other teams at JetBlue, Barracuda, Ritual, TrustCloud, Community Brands, and more, are taking different approaches to optimizing the quality of their applications at Experience 2023. Don't miss out: the event goes live November 1-2. View the full agenda and register for free.


🪞 What new angle could help you revisit something this week?

You could always find a new angle at ReTestBash UK on Thursday 2nd November. Deepen your knowledge and extend your learning with the community. While it won't be the same as meeting in person, I'm very much looking forward to reconnecting with folks again. There was plenty that I missed at TestBash UK and this will be a perfect opportunity to discover more. No doubt the Ask Me Anything sessions with the speakers will spark more ideas and actions to take back to your workplace. Plus, live community chat during the event is a handy way for us to reconnect. TestBash UK 2023 ticket holders and MoT Pro members get instant access. Register today

We're also revisiting things at Team MoT, since Rosie Sherry recently re-joined as CEO. It's refreshing. Plus, the discussion with the community at last week's This Week in Testing centred around what's changed in the software testing industry in the last five years. We found it a helpful exercise to think in big chunks of time. Thanks to Ben Dowen, Lee Marshall, Aj Wilson, and Paul Maxwell-Walters for sharing their thoughts on the topic. Join and continue the conversation about this on The Club

"Most people I know who freelance are either developers or designers, I didn’t know of many testers working as freelancers until the last few years." Mirza Sisic shares freelancing tips for software testers in this new advice-laden article.

🙋🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Join the conversation

  1. Jean is curious if testers should be part of a squad/feature team
  2. What makes a good 1:1? asks Peet
  3. How do you create a supportive and enabling culture where people with a disability want to work?
  4. Emna would like to know, what are your testing challenges when moving to the cloud?
  5. What heuristics do you use to help you make connections between various parts of the product?
  6. Ady would like your advice on how you prepare for end-of-year reviews

Have a great week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss


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