Your Weekly Testing News - Issue 439

Who would you like to congratulate on their new job? Discover lots of testing events and many ways to learn and connect. Seek inspiration from your fellow testers in this week's newsletter.

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Who would you like to congratulate on their new job?

The market for finding testing-related job roles is tough right now so I think it's good to celebrate those in the community who have recently started a new job or have been promoted. I tend to pop on LinkedIn to spot job changes and to share congratulations.

Big congrats to Lee Marshall. Lee is someone who gives much to the testing community and has started a new job as a Test Manager and is the first tester in the company. Ministry of Testing has a dedicated community chat channel to celebrate your job "woohoos". Plus, if you need support with the next steps of your career do consider catching up on the TestBash Careers playlist and taking the 30 Days of Career Growth challenge. You could also sign up for job alerts via the MoT Jobs Board.

Dig into business risks and their relationship with testing, check out this Ask Me Anything with Keith Klain. I'm very pleased to see the recording went live last week! 🎉

There are three testing webinars I reckon you should sign up for and all three are open to all! 

  1. A new partner webinar: Advanced Testing with Xray - How to combine tools and humans? 
  2. Callum Akehurst-Ryan's Masterclass webinar on Selling Testing Into Project Teams: A Guide to Convincing Teams To Test
  3. Teamwork Makes the Full-Stack Testing, Dream Work with Ben Dowen who will share how he tests multiple system layers with confidence

🙋🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Join the conversation

  1. How much should a junior tester be involved in automation? asks Mark
  2. Antonio needs your advice on the next steps for his career. Antonio is 2 years in and deciding what's next! 
  3. Where can Alex find a mentor as a QA Manager?
  4. A tricky dilemma: How do you gain experience when nobody wants to hire a junior role? 
  5. How does a Junior tester go about “Communicating their understanding of a product”?
  6. More items were added to the AI and Testing wiki. What have you recently read or watched that you could add?

Have a good week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss

A group of people sat at desks in a conference. There is a woman stood up running a workshop.
🇬🇧 TestBash UK has many workshops waiting for you. 🔜

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