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🍁 Join Us at TestBash Autumn
Unlock the full potential of your membership! Go Pro or buy your ticket and explore the wonders of automation and more at TestBash Autumn 2023. Online talks and Q&A with the speakers, live panel discussions and Ask Me Anythings. Two days of learning-packed testing goodness.

Last week was TestBash UK 2023 week! 😃

Thank you to everyone who made TestBash so special. It takes a magical community to come together in person to create a shared experience like the one we had last week. As I moved around the venue you could feel the buzz. Conversation after conversation. People meeting each other for the first time. Teams reconnecting. Questions asked, active listening and tonnes of note taking. Talks, workshops, activities and Ask Me Anythings amplified it all. Hundreds of photos taken by hundreds of people. Fond memories forever.

So what next? What do you do with those connections and learnings? Read this article to get started: Keeping The Conference Momentum Going. 📈
There's also ReTestBash UK 2023, the ultimate online conference designed to deepen your knowledge and extend your learning for all TestBash UK 2023 ticket holders. Plus, it's available to all Ministry of Testing Pro Members. 🏆 

If you didn't attend TestBash then I recommend taking a look at the #TestBash feed on LinkedIn. Lots of fantastic folks sharing updates and key learnings to spark something in you. And if you want to join next year, we've officially announced TestBash UK 2024. It's in Nottingham and you can get your blind-bird ticket at the lowest guaranteed price. 🌳

One final thing to mention, we've opened up a number of new ways to contribute to the community. Read the "Calls for Contributions" section below. Write an article about the power of models, problem-solving, quality and influencing.  

🙋🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Join the conversation

  1. Can you help Matt? They are now the only Quality Engineer and feeling the pressure as a lead they don't yet want to be.
  2. What are your thoughts on tester-led dev teams? asks Jon
  3. How many testers to change a web page (or lightbulb)?
  4. Colm would like to know, what do you think about the page config model? 
  5. When in the SDLC should a junior tester typically get involved in test planning?
  6. Are there any courses that help people understand how to write fast, deterministic, meaningful tests?
  7. Mark is curious to know, what has been your biggest staging environment issue? 
  8. Code coverage. Is it worth measuring at all?

I hope you have a great week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss

P.S. I took this photo at TestBash during an interactive community session with the audience. How might we support each other to address these replies? 🤔

A slide from an interactive session during a conference. There are words related to barriers to contributing to a community.

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