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How could a testing watch party help you and your team? Plus more ways to get involved, business posts and tonnes of testing events. Discover it all in this week's newsletter.

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Could you run a watch party? 

Last week I spotted that Philippa Jennings had a watch party during their Quality Engineering Chapter. They watched Anne-Marie Charrett's brilliant talk 'Quality != Testing' from TestBash Manchester 2017. 

It’s a great reminder that in this testing community, we don’t need to chase “the new thing” all the time. A lot of what people look for in this community is already there, ready and waiting to be discovered. This is the power of a strong community. It continues to add value to itself regardless of timeframes. And watch parties are a great way to spark ideas and take action. 

I had a good catch-up with Diana Dromey (EventBoss here at Ministry of Testing). We discussed how things were going with TestBash UK given it's nearly "ready for release" on the 20th of September. The behind-the-scenes detail makes all the difference. All I can reveal at this stage is that it's gonna be epic and likely an incredible experience for every participant. There's still time to grab a ticket and join more than 420 people from the community. 🎟️

ARTICLE: In A World Of Record And Play, Where Does Playwright Fit In? Ioan Solderea explores the record and playback features of the playwright ecosystem.

Mark Winteringham and Richard Bradshaw talked to Test Guild's Joe Colantonio about Leaning Journeys for Automation Engineers. If you're serious about the impact automation has on your career growth it's worth a listen. Mark and Richard describe how the multiple courses of a learning journey will help people land jobs such as an SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) and Automation Engineer in Testing. 🎧 

ARTICLE: Five Optimization And Performance Tools That Enhance Website User Experience. Learn how to expand your testing tool kit with these recommendations from Kasturi Rajamanikkam. 🧰

🙋🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Join the conversation

  1. How do you share with others what you’ve learned about a product in your testing?
  2. Lito would like to know what tools/patterns you use for component/integration testing
  3. What depth should an automation tester be able to code? asks Swettha
  4. Parameswaran is curious to know what the current job market is like for Quality Assurance (QA) positions in Europe
  5. Conrad asks, what is the easiest way to test that keyboard layouts for specific languages work?
  6. Is it necessary for testers to learn coding and programming?
  7. Help Hanan improve their CV
  8. What data/state do you have to manage for your automated checks?
  9. Do you have any more common misconceptions about test automation? 

Have a good week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss


A group of people sat at desks in a conference. There are two people stood up running an activity.
🇬🇧 TestBash UK has many learning activities waiting for you. 🔜


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