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Switching off and disconnecting.

Now I could be referring to the "AI machines" but I'm not. Instead, last week I spotted real community members sharing that they've been disconnecting from being online. They've highlighted that it's been a great way to reset and step away from the busyness. And also a good way to take a break from a community with a lot to offer each other. Hopefully you're in a position to take a break once in a while.

For the machines that don't take breaks, and for those interested in Large Language Model (LLM) Testing, Kristof Van Kriekingen highlighted that OWASP recently released a Top 10 Security vulnerability list for LLMs. It's worth a read. 👀

🎥 I was pleased to see Lisi Hocke's recording of her brilliant Masterclass webinar go live. If you missed it, it's a must-watch. Lots of helpful and practical advice on how to grow your technical confidence. Available to all MoT Pro members.

NEW ARTICLE: How Did The QA Team Miss This Defect? We've all been asked this question, but how can we make improvements so it doesn't get asked again?  

Thank you to everyone who reviewed the abstracts for TestBash Autumn 2023. We're now in the process of reviewing the feedback and finalising the lineup. And if you're looking to get into public speaking, listen to Chris Armstrong reflect on his experiences.

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  1. Sushant would like to know what some of the problems/limitations you have faced with Playwright
  2. Mahathee is looking for help with mobile accessibility testing
  3. How do you avoid being stuck in a non-inclusive echo chamber?
  4. What’s the longest time you’ve waited from raising a bug to it getting fixed? asks Ben
  5. What soft/human skills are critical for being a good tester?
  6. Daniel is looking for good performance testing learning material

Team Ministry of Testing are winding things down over the coming weeks so there won't be a newsletter from me for a bit. I'll see you again at the start of September when it's time to get excited about TestBash UK! 🎉

Have a good week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss

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