Sponsor Ministry of Testing Events

For over a decade, Ministry of Testing has built up a global software testing community of tens of thousands of testers strong. Our events are where our community comes to meet, learn, and engage in real conversations. By sponsoring an event you will achieve reach and recognition with our entire community, who pay attention to all the things we do.

If you're interested in sponsoring one of our events, please email us at events@ministryoftesting.com.

What’s Different About Ministry of Testing?

At Ministry of Testing, we do things differently. We offer something unique and valuable to our sponsors; genuine opportunities to engage with the software testing community.

You won’t find the typical sales pitches in our conference talks. We believe these methods create barriers, sometimes literally, between companies and their intended audience. We want more for our sponsors and more for our attendees. We want to bring you and our community together in a meaningful and valuable way.

For every event, we develop fun and engaging initiatives that encourage attendees to seek you out and start authentic conversations. These initiatives include games, challenges, and our latest initiative The Unexpo. These methods lead to natural, engaging discussions where problems are solved and value is attained. You can build a genuine network and gain a true understanding of how testers think and what they really want.

What Are The Benefits Of Sponsoring an MoT Event?

  • Huge reach and awareness: our global community is tens of thousands of software testers strong, you will get reach and recognition with our entire community.
  • Go global: our community is global! We run several events each year to reach the four corners of the world. You can sponsor a targeted event or all of them with our annual sponsorship packages.
  • Long-term value: You get continued impressions and clicks by having your links on our Event's talks video series, this stays on our site indefinitely! As well as your brand logo and links that stay on our event pages indefinitely.
  • Engagement with the community: we encourage all sponsors to attend our events and to meet the community. We develop unique initiatives that bring the community to you and encourage deep conversations so you can get a true understanding of how testers think and what they really want.
  • Customisable sponsorship options: we offer a range of sponsorship options to suit all budgets and needs. We work closely with you and can tailor your option to support your goals and needs.

What Options are available?

We have tailored our sponsorship options into the categories below using feedback from our global sponsors:

  • Hiring - if you're looking to hire, you’ll find the best software testing talent in our community.
  • Awareness - whether you’re a testing consultancy or a provider of high-quality testing tools, we’ve tailored awareness sponsorship options to let the event audience learn all that’s awesome about you.
  • Community Love - if you're looking to give back to the community, we’ve crafted community focused sponsorship options so you can be part of building an accessible and inclusive community.

There are sponsorship options available to suit all budgets and needs within these categories ranging from Blue to Black Belt sponsorship tiers.

Finally, you can sponsor an event in one of two ways:

  1. Sponsoring A Targeted Event
    We run many different events each year, so check out all the upcoming Events to view each individual sponsorship options. Our brochures give specific details of the prices and packages available for the different events and software testing conferences.

  2. Annual Packages
    For the annual budget savvy, there are also annual packages available to sponsor every TestBash for 12 months. We run several TestBashes each year all over the world, please email events@ministryoftesting.com to find out more about our annual packages. These packages will return again when we are able to have in-person conferences again.