TestBash Sessions

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Discussion: The "Whens" and "Whys" of Automation
15th December 2023
This discussion covers frameworks, ROI, pitfalls, retiring tests, security tools, and essential learning considerations.
Qase Demo
15th December 2023
Qase, a modern task management platform streamlining testing workflows, ensuring bug-free releases through centralized artifact management.
Launchable Demo
19th December 2023
Launchable Test Failure Intelligence and Optimization

On Demand Courses

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Essentials - Introduction to Software Development and Testing
Start your journey into software development and testing by learning what it's all about
Introduction To Modern Testing
Learn the Modern Testing principles that will help the whole team deliver high quality software
Introduction To Accessibility Testing
Learn with me about what Accessibility is, why it's important to test for and how to get your team started with an Accessibility testing mindset


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MoT Foundation Certificate in Test Automation
Unlock the essential skills to transition into Test Automation through interactive, community-driven learning, backed by industry expertise
MoT Intermediate Certificate in Test Automation
Elevate to senior test automation roles with mastery in automated checks, insightful reporting, and framework maintenance
MoT Advanced Certificate in Test Automation
Ascend to leadership roles by mastering strategic skills in automation strategy creation, planning and execution


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In-Sprint Test Automation On Agile Teams: Yes You Can!
Boost Agile process reliability, project engagement and teamwork with in-sprint test automation
Testing The Quality Of ChatGPT Responses: A Report From The Field
Discover how testers are crucial in refining AI-assisted grading
Software Testing Test Ideas Hive Mind (STTIHM)
Run out of test ideas? Use STTIHM to step into the mind of another tester!

Ask Me Anything

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Ask Me Anything About Regression Testing - Deborah Sherwood
10th January 2023
During this session, James Espie is joined by the fantastic Deborah Sherwood for a Testing Ask Me Anything about Regression Testing
Testing Ask Me Anything - Quality Coaching
10th January 2023
Quality Coaching explained; discover the challenges, benefits and more!
Ask Me Anything - Holistic Testing
15th November 2023
Unlock the transformative power of holistic testing


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How to Overcome Common Challenges in Exploratory Testing
8th January 2024
Discover possible challenge, how you can overcome them and make your exploratory testing process flow seamlessly
Testing in Regulated Industries with TestRail
5th January 2024
Gain deeper insight on testing strategy and considerations for regulated industries
How To Build a Thriving QA/Testing Team With People-First Leadership
27th November 2023
Discover how people-first leadership leads to QA team success

Feature Spotlight

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Selenium 4 Integrations with Rhett Devlin
19th January 2024
Learn about the Selenium 4 integrations with Ranorex
Testing Smarter, Not Harder with DesignWise
28th February 2024
DesignWise is a software test design optimisation tool
Integrations with Allure TestOps with George Ivanov
14th September 2023
Discover how easy it is to integrate Allure TestOps with the likes of Jenkins and Github

Discussion Panels

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Discussion: Becoming a Better Leader
10th January 2023
Discover the secrets to successful leadership from experienced tech leaders
Discussion: Security Testing
10th January 2023
Learn to navigate security challenges with top industry professional guidance
Discussion: Creating CVs That Get Noticed
10th January 2023
Boost your visibility and chances with expert advice on crafting a standout CV