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Join Us for More Than “Just Another Online Conference”
ReTestBash UK goes beyond the conference norm. With thought-provoking Deep Dive Challenges, extended Q&A panels with experts and reflection sessions sharing key takeaways from TestBash UK and a way to exchange ideas with the rest of the vibrant testing community. Register now to join us on the 2nd of November.

Exciting news! Every talk recording from TestBash UK 2023 is now available! 📽️

Demonstrating the diversity and strength of the testing community, revisit the incredible learning experience that was TestBash UK 2023. Twenty talks over nine hours! 😍 Start the playlist. Plus all the activities are now available for you to run with your own colleagues at work. Bonus! 

📖 NEW ARTICLE: Coming back to testing after becoming a parent can be tricky. Pricilla shares her experiences and advice on coming back to work after parental leave.

Ben Dowen made a good point last week. He talked about how testing/quality professionals can give confidence to those who aren't testers. There's an opportunity to help developers learn fundamental testing principles beyond what they already know. Is there a developer you could pair with this week to run through a testing session? How might you demonstrate what you do so they could give it a go? We can help spread the testing effort across the team. There are lots of helpful community contributions about pairing on the MoT Platform to help you get started.

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  1. Ken would like to know, do you capture and utilise distributed traces tied to your test results?
  2. The discussion about tools for mobile test automation continues 
  3. Share your latest blog post and spark a conversation 
  4. Ameed is keen to discover what your mobile app release process looks like
  5. How might I present how an automation framework can help teams? asks Kumar.
  6. More recent thoughts about assertion conditions, page objects, and test classes

One more thing. Get ready for ReTestBash UK 2023 by taking one of these challenges. A great way to boost your knowledge.

Have a great week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss


Four people gathered round a table having a deep discussion
Would you happen to need that Testbash vibe? Register for TestBash Autumn 2023 🍁

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