Do Bugs Cause Failures?

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Sometimes you have to decide as a team that a story is done.  It's important to remember that we're not the gatekeepers of product releases, but we should decide as a team when a product is good to go. I like this article from Elizabeth Zagroba, could help you all get on the same page. 

- Áine, MarketingBoss

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There are lots of opportunities to get involved this week with new training, articles and calls for content!  Share and boost your testing skills.

🔎  Exploratory testing, what is it? How can you secure the time or budget to do it? Dave Harrison, Nicola Lindgren and Callum Akehurst-Ryan talk to Adam in our latest podcast.

Do you consider how your mindset impacts how you test?  Barry Ehigiatorn shares the value of pessimism in testing and how you can use it to your advantage. 🌦  

⏰  Our next Testing Ask Me Anything on Exploratory Testing with Callum Akehurst-Ryan is on the 20th April.  Find out when exploratory testing is most appropriate, or how you can get more team involvement or any other questions that could help you with your testing.  Register and add your questions.

Exploratory Testing Week is getting closer and we are releasing the line up, what you can get involved with and why you need to register or buy your ticket now.  You can see the latest on our news. 🗞 

🚢 Let's imagine that we are a member of the ship's crew. We have found some defects that we believe to be critical. What are we going to do about it?  Watch Louise Gibbs' talk on what a bug is, and explore the idea that bugs do not cause failures, but they do increase the risk of failure.

Testing is a craft that evolves continuously, are ethics keeping pace with newly developed features? Tobias Geyer shares his thoughts in this talk

📺  Join Georgia as they take us on their quality journey in this Masterclass recording. They'll share how they got their company talking about quality and agreed on a definition. Then they were able to agree on concrete measures for quality and implemented them to get team buy-in. 

See our latest news and Dojo additions, catch up on anything you might have missed in the last few weeks. 

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We've picked out a few posts from our Clubblog and podcast feeds that we think would be useful to you. 
No matter how big or small your wins might seem, a win is a win. Share your wins for March and celebrate with others. 🎉

Do you have a strategy for mobile and big screen testing? Mariia Hutsuk and Sivamoorthy Bose share their knowledge and experience to help you. 

Jeffrey is wondering what challenges have you faced while learning a new automation tool and how did you overcome them? 🤔

Is there such a thing as untestable code? Or is it just "too expensive"?  Interesting post on what your options might be. 

What do you do/listen to while testing, do you have any weird habits? Kristof talks to a rubber duck, Maaike talks out loud, what do you do? 🦆

Deepfake expert Nina Schick joins the Smashing Security podcast to discuss synthetic media, Facebook's latest data fiasco, and some less-than-brilliant April Fool's tricks.

Should the behaviour Gustavo is seeing be marked as a regression bug or a new ticket? 🎟

Our audience says...we're a quarter of the way there and we need your help! Can you help us to fill in the Testing Family Feud board? (Family Fortunes for the Brits) 👀 

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Posts selected from our business feed.  Highlighting interesting posts from our annual partners for 2021 - they make sure we're able to bring you excellent events, articles and everything else we do! 

We are excited to join SauceLabs for three days of testing goodness at SauceCon Online from April 20-22! SauceCon brings together the global community of Sauce Labs users and automated testing experts. Register for your ticket today and save 25% with the code MOT25.

Have you ever wanted to have your own Bug Bash at work?  This is the ultimate guide to organizing a bug bash from TestProject.

Using Cypress and Google Lighthouse for Performance Testing, have you heard about this plugin

Whether you’re transitioning to intelligent test automation from purely manual testing or a legacy automated testing tool, the road to implementing quality engineering requires a thoughtful, strategic plan.  These are 3 steps to get you started.

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