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ReadyAPI is a low-code API testing platform for development teams that care about creating test automation across any workflow.
Validate executable specifications against your code on any modern development stack. With over 40 million downloads, Cucumber Open is the world’s #1 automation tool for Behavior-Driven Development.
Built for developers and testers alike, SoapUI is the only open source tool that covers the entire testing spectrum (functional, security, load, mocking).
Test management tools, no matter your team size Manage tests with tools designed for your needs to discover gaps and build better products
Comprehensive and user-friendly cloud platform for Load Testing, Speed Testing and Website & API Optimization and Monitoring
AI testing tools generate the precise set of tests you need to maximize coverage and de-risk every release.
ACTF aDesigner
aDesigner is a disability simulator that helps designers ensure that their content and applications are accessible and usable by the visually impaired.
Wave Evaluation TOOL
Evaluate web accessibility within your browser. WAVE is a web accessibility evaluation tool developed by
Web Developer
The Web Developer extension adds various web developer tools to the browser.
JAWS Connect
A first-of-its-kind solution that delivers assistive technology user feedback directly to the organizations seeking to deliver accessible digital experiences.
ARC Toolkit
TPGi’s on-demand single-page accessibility testing tool. Use it to remediate failures surfaced in ARC Monitoring scans or as a QA tool.
Colour Contrast Analyzer (CCA)
Use TPGi's free colour contrast checker to optimize your content - including text and visual elements - for individuals with color-blindness or low vision impairments.
Accessibility Insights
Free and open source. Solve accessibility issues before they reach your customers.
Don’t just observe. Take action. The only app monitoring platform built for developers that gets to the root cause for every issue.
Supercharge team collaboration by sharing screen capture, logs, and debugging information from local development.
BetterBugs is your go-to for thorough, shareable bug reports. Capture console logs, network logs, and system details for easy issue-solving, all with real-time comments.
Pairwise Tool
Supports all-pairs testing or pairwise testing. A combinatorial method of software testing that, for each pair of input parameters, tests all possible discrete combinations of those parameters.
Launchable Test Failure Intelligence and Optimization - Your AI co-pilot for Triaging, Understanding and Managing Test Failures
Catch performance regressions in CI with Continuous Benchmarking
Low-code test automation tool for QA, developers and product managers. Ensure the quality of your web app or website without repetitive manual testing.
Katalon's AI-augmented platform enables efficient test writing, deeper insights, and enhanced coverage. It achieves faster execution, higher accuracy, and improved test coverage, ensuring high-quality software products. virtual user enables you to test the complete user journey technology agnostic. Recognize risks before the customers do. No flakiness. No hustle. No unnecessary maintenance.
Really simple tool for creating and running BDD tests. It lets anyone create and run BDD tests in bulk automating the whole testing process and simplifying error detection and handling.
LT Browser
Next-gen browser to build, test & debug mobile websites.
No-code automation testing tool to supercharge your quality assurance. Automation testing but with a simple, intuitive, and fun drag-and-drop user interface.
Automate front-end software testing with a single sentence.
Advanced insights, analysis, and assistance for all your QA needs using the power of OpenAI.
Easy on-device screenshot testing for Android.
Render your Android screens without a physical device or emulator.
Screenshot testing library for Android.