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When I was working as a full-time software tester, I found pairing to be an incredibly valuable asset to my teams. I love this article from Anneliese about the benefits of pairing across disciplines. Well worth a read to see how you could implement pairing on your own team.

- Heather, CommunityBoss

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Mastering the new reality of manual and automation test management

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There are lots of opportunities to get involved this week with new training, articles and calls for content!  Share and boost your testing skills.

📆 There's only one week left to submit your experience report for the Exploratory Testing Week challenges. You'll be paid for your time and get access to the full Exploratory Testing Week event. Pick a challenge and get your report in now!

Do you want to level up your experience with non-functional testing? You'll want to grab a ticket to our upcoming training with Jenna Charlton! 🎟

We're on the home stretch of 30 Days of Testing. It's time to share what's in your team's toolkit. You could get some new inspiration for tooling 🛠

Have you got a testing tip you'd like to share with the community? Mark wants to hear from you! 👂🏻

🤔 What do Test Automation Engineers do? How can you learn this profession if you are a beginner? Yulia has some excellent advice for you based on her own journey down this path.

🎧 Testers are fighting the good fight for recognition and appreciation. Adam speaks to Ben about his initiative to recognise people in the community and their wins no matter how big or small. Is there someone you'd like to recognise?

See our latest news and Dojo additions, catch up on anything you might have missed in the last few weeks. 

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Avo Automation - Liberating Human Potential

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We've picked out a few posts from our Clubblog and podcast feeds that we think would be useful to you. 

What's your first coding memory? Such a brilliant range of memories shared so far. ❤️

Do your tests fail the right way? Do you ever deliberately make them fail to check? 🤔

What help do you get with your learning and career development? How much do you engineer yourself and how much support do you get from your employer? 👀

Have you seen any fun bugs pop up with daylight savings? Share them with Ioan. 🐛

Louise has an inspiring story about how the community helped with a job hunt. If you're struggling in the chaos of searching, give yourself a moment to read this and reflect. 😌

How do you measure automation success? An interesting topic from Alastair. 💡

If you're working on mobile devices, you should check out this new tool that Suman shared on The Club. It could help your team! 📱

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Posts selected from our business feed.  Highlighting interesting posts from our annual partners for 2021 - they make sure we're able to bring you excellent events, articles and everything else we do! 

There are some interesting unpopular opinions out there on software testing. Is a tester’s mindset the most powerful thing in computing? 💪🏻

What actually is test automation? And do the benefits of it outweigh the disadvantages? Some insights for you to explore. 💡

How can you and your team recognise the full potential of a testing strategy and start achieving longer-term wins? 🧠

With so many JavaScript automation frameworks out there, how do you choose the one that's best for you? This article explores some of the pros and cons of each. 👀

An interesting report to see what others in the industry are reporting on for their KPIs and how many people are employing automation. 📊

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