Isn't all testing classed as "Testability"?

Our latest newsletter is live! Do you need a hand figuring out how to explain the value of testing to your managers? Or maybe you want to delve into Performance testing? Lots of interesting discus...


I spent the weekend reflecting on Exploratory Testing Week and the discussions that happened.  One that stuck in my brain was figuring out how to help the C-level (think CIO or CTO) understand the value of testing, specifically exploratory testing.  Keith Klain did a great talk about exactly that, learning to speak their language.  I think the key information from Keith's talk could apply to most of our interactions with the rest of the business - managers, other teams, etc - it's a valuable skill. 

- Áine, MarketingBoss

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Does your team know the difference between Exploratory Testing and Ad-Hoc Testing? Do they feel comfortable actually doing Exploratory Testing?  Nicola Lindgren's article could help you get your team to understand it fully and help you implement it in your development cycle. 🤔

🎧  Isn't all testing classed as "Testability"?  What are some Good and Bad approaches to Testability Testing? In our latest podcast, Melissa Benua and Benjamin Bischoff talk about all things Testability testing.

👉  We're giving away another Pro Membership thanks to our annual partners (these folks help us bring you events and content throughout the whole year) TestProject.  It's open to everyone, just answer the questions and we'll pick a winner in a few weeks.  

We have a Discussion happening on Tuesday focusing on Security Testing.  Our guests are Saskia Coplans, Anne Oikarinen and James Bore.  Perfect opportunity to level up your security knowledge. 

See our latest news and Dojo additions, catch up on anything you might have missed in the last few weeks. 

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We've picked out a few posts from our Clubblog and podcast feeds that we think would be useful to you. 

Have you done database performance testing before? Kevin is looking for some help with getting started. 🙏🏻

We've all faced "I'm not sure I trust your testing" from other members of the team, or maybe you want to make sure you're doing the best testing job you can.  This post from Maaret can help with that. 

Romina is trying to encourage their team to actively share their experiences and discuss testing as a team in a virtual setting. Could you share some tips? 🤔

In this podcast episode from Frederico Toledo,  he talks to Simon Prior discussing how to form more people in STEM with the skills needed to become great testers and how to make our profession more well known to those who have yet to graduate from university!

Our Exploratory Testing Week workshop with Elizabeth Zagroba had tonnes of questions and excellent resources shared! The discussion is continuing on The Club if you missed the live session.  😄

Mark wants to make sure we're building content that you want to read. Let him know what you'd like to hear about. 🗣

Continuing on the exploratory testing theme, can you help Philip with some questions about the FEW HICCUPS heuristic? 💡


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Posts selected from our business feed.  Highlighting interesting posts from our annual partners for 2021 - they make sure we're able to bring you excellent events, articles and everything else we do! 

📞  Have you ever been on call before? Rachel shares her experience bumps and all. 

There's been lots of chat about collaboration, so what about learning automation through collaboration?  Alan Page wrote a great post about exactly that. 

Performance testing on the front end is typically not performed at all, or often very limited.  So how can you shift Performance Testing left?  ⬅ 

Discovering, tracking, and resolving bugs is a problem we're all familiar with.  Maybe integrating Mabl and Jira could help you collaborate with your whole team much easier? 

Are you interested in getting started with the latest Cypress Studio?  This walks you through some of the recent updates. 

Exploratory Testing Week: The Highlights🎙.  Relive some of the highlights

Are you on a similar journey to fintech, migrating from server to the cloud?  Maybe some migration scripts could make your life a whole lot easier!  


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