Your Weekly Testing News - Issue 426

Where could you join the conversation? Plus tonnes of testing events, questions from the community and helpful business posts. Read it all in this week's newsletter.

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Last week was a busy week in the testing community. Have a look at the following and see where you can join the conversation and find ways to help out or seek help. 

Keep an eye and ear out for Thursday 1st June. We'll reveal the first day of 30 Days of Career Growth. Head to the 30 Days of Testing Category on The Club forum, click on the bell icon on the right and select the “Watching First Post” button. You’re now set to go! You’ll receive notifications each day throughout June.

Have a good week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

P.S. Here's a fantastic photo from TestBash Brighton 2018. 😃 We could always create more photo memories at TestBash UK later this year. 📷

A man on stage with a microphone presenting to a big crowd at a conference.


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