How Many Different Types of Bugs Are There?


I genuinely never thought compliance could be a fun topic (and I've worked in compliance industries!) until I attended this talk from Mrinal. No matter what your thoughts are about compliance, you should watch this talk, I guarantee it will change your outlook.

-  Heather, CommunityBoss

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Did you know that the Ministry of Testing community helped pick the line-up for TestBash Home 2021? Heather shares how you took on the mammmoth task of reviewing 193 abstracts to select only 12 talks.   

Have you thought about going Pro but unsure how you could make the most out of the membership or how it could actually benefit you? Yogita Lad has shared her experience utilising our scholarship fund with a Pro membership! 

Maryam Umar shared the ups and downs she has experienced as a manager in our recent Masterclass along with incredibly useful insights that could benefit you and your team. The recording is now available to watch.

Mark is joined by Gem Hill, Alsa Tabatabei, Ben Dowen and Lee Marshall to talk about the thorny topic of Quality in our latest podcast. (Plus the best snacks to eat)

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Andrew is fairly new to the world of mobile automation testing. Can you help him decide why one mobile automation tooling approach might be more appropriate than another? πŸ“±

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? The teams of detectives have nearly taken shape. Find out who will go exploring! πŸ—ΊοΈ

How many different types of bugs are there? Mirza goes exploring and shares his discoveries! πŸ‘€

Jan-Willem Koornwinder shares a brilliant story about his journey – literally – to recreate a hard-to-reproduce bug. πŸš—

It's your first day at a new job/assignment. What do you do? Check out the excellent discussion full of tips and ideas. And good luck to Maaike, we hope your assignment is going well! πŸŒ±

We absolutely love meetups! And sometimes they can be tricky to run remotely. Can you share some advice with Emna, Kristof, Mirza, Aaron and Simon? πŸ€

This can be a tricky topic to explore yet it's one that often comes up. How do you measure the performance of your testing and team? Join the conversation. πŸ“Š


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What is good testing and how can you balance it with effective automation? An interesting read exploring exactly what to automate and when. βš–οΈ

An excellent overview from Johanna exploring why you'd want to create an automation strategy and how to have discussions with your team about it. πŸ“

I've seen a lot of discussions this week around how teams approach failed tests. It reminded me of this blog talking about changing the culture around failed tests. πŸ’ͺ🏻

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